WordPress Setup

By far, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world.

With support from large developer community around the world, it is good option for people who want to have decent website, without any programming background.

This guide will help you build your own website using it. Let’s get started shall we?

Domain name is a web address that people can type it in their browser to visit your website.

To get your domain name, you can buy it from famous domain registrar such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Name.com or any trusted domain registrar in your country.

Actually, rent a domain name is more accurate to call this process. Because you have to pay annually to keep your right of using it.

If you don’t renew it, domain registrar will make it available for other people to use. Just like other properties.

Any domain registrar have common transaction process.

namecheap domain search

You have to sign up, search domain name with extention you want, pay if it available, and they will email you when your domain name is ready to use.

After you get your domain name, it is time to rent a hosting to make your website online.

Web hosting is the machine that we rent to handle our website operation.

Depend on what package you choose from web hosting provider, it is possible for one web hosting to handle many websites at once… so you don’t have to rent several web hosting for different domain names.

There are several types of web hosting, but for starter .. we limited this guide to Shared Host type.

How to pick the right one? Well… it’s a little bit tricky.

Many bad hosting service provider oversell their package, by labeled it as unlimited bandwith, unlimited storage which is actually impossible and will hurt your website performance.

Before you decide, make sure you read their review from another website carefully.

And another important thing to note.. choose web hosting package that use Cpanel as control panel, because it is easier to set.

This guide’s next chapter also based on Cpanel’s UI.

Our recommendation? Use Hostmantis. Our clients use them for years without any complaint.

If you already choose another hosting service provider you can jump directly to the next chapter (Connecting domain to hosting).

Below is step by step to order Hostmantis’s package…

Visit Hostmantis Homepage and click on WEB HOSTING tab.

hostmantis homepage

Make sure you chooose Advanced or Expert Cpanel plans. Expert is the fastest one.

hostmantis package

Scroll down and you will find server location option on the left side, choose based on where exact or nearest country of your target market.

hostmantis location

Click Order Now…

hostmantis domain

Select “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers “, enter domain name that you bought in previous chapter.

Click Use and then Continue…

hostmantis confuguration

Choose your billing cycle, annually will be cheaper than monthly.. Continue..

hostmantis promo code

Enter FB25OFF or TW25OFF in promo code field and click validate code.

If you are lucky, that code will give you 25% discount.

Click checkout…

Now you need to enter your personal information, billing address, Hostmantis account’s password, choose payment method, and make payment by click Complete Order button…

NOTE : Sometimes, Hostmantis falsely detect several country as fraud transaction.

No need to worry, what you have to do is contact their sales department using their contact form.

Tell them that there is False Flag about your transaction and ask them to fix it.

After they fix it, you will receive your server data by email.

You have active domain name and web hosting… Whats next?

To connect your domain name to hosting, first you have to make sure your domain name already listed on CPanel’s domain list.

Login to your Cpanel SSL URL using data that you received from your hosting provider.

Go to domains section and click on Domains.

cpanel domain

If your domain already listed, you will see your domain name on Cpanel’s domain list.

If it haven’t, back to Cpanel’s domain section.. click Addon Domains.

Enter your domain name in New Domain Name field, click Add Domain and let system do the rest.

Now let’s connect it…

Login to your domain provider account, find your domain settings or manage domain option.

Find your nameservers setting and change it to your own nameservers that you’ve got from hosting provider (Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2) .

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a way to protect communication between your server and visitor’s browser.

That’s why it is very important for every website owner to have it.

Many web hosting service provider make it available for free.

This chapter will guide you how to activate it.

Now let’s get back to your Cpanel, scroll down to Security section and click on Let’s Encrypt.

If your domain already listed in the table, you are safe to go, but if it haven’t… scroll down more and click +Issue button.

And then give checkmark to Add cPanel subdomains and click issue button.

lets encrypt cpanel

If you are building ECommerce website, you need email address with your domain name on it.

This is how you create it..

Go to your Cpanel, section EMAIL and click Email Accounts.

webmail cpanel


webmail cpanel

You can create new email address as many as you need there.

How to access it?

Recheck your web hosting provider email, you will find WEBMAIL URL that you can visit and login using your web email address and password.

To install WordPress, go to your Cpanel’s mainpage, section SOFTACULOUS and click wordpress.

install wordpress cpanel

Click Install Now button…

Pay attention to several field below …

Choose the version you want to install
Choose highest version (latest).

Choose Installation URL
Protocol : http
Domain : your domain name
In Directory : let it blank

Site Name and Description
Optional, you can edit it later.

Admin Account
Use Username and password that contain mix of uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character.

This is your website’s basic security, do your best.

You can use your webmail address as Admin email.

Set your worpress installation languange as per your preference.

Skip another field and scroll down straight to Install button, click.

Your website is online. Go to yourdomain.com/wp-login or yourdomain.com/wp-admin.

Login to it’s dashboard using username and password that you’ve set before.

Delete wordpress’s sample page and sample post from Page and Post Section page.

Wp sample post

Go to Settings >> General, you can edit your website’s title and tagline there.

Wp setting

Go to Settings >> Permalinks, you can set how your post/page url appear.

Our recommendation is set it to Post Name.

wp permalink

Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins, delete 2 preinstalled plugins there (Aksismet and Hello Dolly), you won’t need it.

wp plugin

Click Add New, search using really simple ssl keyword, click Install Now and Activate.

really simple ssl

This plugin will make sure your website using SSL connection validate by SSL certificate on previous chapter.

Click Go Ahead,activate SSL!

really simple ssl UI

Go to Settings >> SSL,click enable on part below.

enable really simple ssl htaccess

really simple ssl htaccess enabled

Congratulations! Your website is now ready to get more costumization depend on it’s purpose.

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