Woocommerce Setup

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New

wordpress add plugin

Search for woocommerce using search form, click Install Now, Activate..

woocommerce install

Click Yes please…

woocommerce first setup

Enter your Store’s data… Continue

woocommerce store data

Skip option below… Continue

woocommerce newsletter

Choose other… Continue

woocommerce industry option

Choose Downloads, because you’ll sell digital products only…

woocommerce product type

Estimate the amount of your product, set another option like image below… Continue

woocommerce product numbers

Scroll down, upload wptypeface.zip that you bought before.

upload wptypeface file

Choose No thanks for Jetpack offer…

no jetpack

Go to Woocommerce Settings , General Tab, Set your currency…

woocommerce currency option

Switch to Products tab >> General, Uncheck any option that checked by default

woocommerce default product settings

Switch to Emails tab… from there, you can set where notification email will be send if there is transaction.

Scroll down to costumize email that will received by your costumer when they make transaction.

woocommerce customize email

Switch to Payments tab, switch on Paypal and click setup

woocommerce paypal option

Check Enable Paypal Standard, Uncheck Enable IPN email notifications.

Set Payment action as Capture.

Paypal Sandbox mode is optional. This is the way you can test transaction in your website without involving real money.

In case you need it, we will talk about it first.

Don’t forget to disable sandbox mode by uncheck it when your website is ready.

To activate sandbox mode, you need Paypal’s developer account.

Visit https://developer.paypal.com/classic-home/, login to dashboard using your paypal account.

paypal developer login

Click SANDBOX >> Accounts tab on the left side…

paypal sandbox accoount

You have 2 type of Sandbox account, personal and bussiness.

Note that personal account is the one that you’ll use to test transaction at your website as buyer, while the business account is the seller/merchant.

To make purchase, you’ll need a password right? Hover to 3 dots in manage accounts column, click View/Edit Account.

paypal sandbox buyer

Copy and save your Sandbox personal account email and password.

paypal sandbox buyer data

Do it again, but this time for Sandbox Business account.

In Sandbox Business account settings, you’ll find API Credential tab…

This is where you must pay attention.

paypal sandbox api

Copy and save API credential’s username, password and signature.

Now let’s go back to Woocommerce’s Paypal settings…

When you enable Paypal Sandbox mode, scroll down, fill down the fields below with your API credential’s data…

woocommerce sandbox api credential

You must also change Paypal email and Receiver Email fields with your Sandbox Business account email address.

Now you can test transaction using you Sandbox personal account.

When you’ve done testing… disable Paypal Sandbox mode, change Paypal email and Receiver Email fields with your real Paypal email.

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