Have a website you can be proud of without technical knowledge.

WP Typeface is a WordPress theme specially designed for Type Designers and Foundries. It helps you build a high conversion rate and easy to manage font shop. You can set it up by yourself or let us do it.

Finally, The additional income source where you can fully take control.

Having a personal font shop is the way i can freely set my products pricing and license terms. Also, I don't have to pay the marketplace's high author fee. Create EULA PDF Documents for the buyer? Wp Typeface auto-generates it, which is one of the features that I like.
Rian Rahardi - Creatypestudio.co (Using WP Typeface Elite)

WP Typeface is Costumizeable

Set your website style as you want. If you already have a website, you can also set similar looks with the extra performance from our features.
M.Sirojuddin - Lettersiro.com (Using WP Typeface Elite)
WP Typeface's features are user-friendly. I can easily change my homepage style to find the best layout for my website visitors.

WP Typeface is Fast!

Google uses page load speed as one of the rank factors.

The research says that fast page speed will result in a better conversion rate and WP Typeface is your chance to have fast load website.

You can get WP Typeface for free if you can find any font shop website that loads faster than our demo site. Judge by Google page speed insight tool.

Risman - Garisman.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
WP Typeface's load speed is way faster than elementor's that I used before. The simplicity of WP Typeface's UX and the fast load speed make My website's visitors get easier to browse my products. As result, my sales grow exponentially.

WP Typeface is your assistant

Focus on designing beautiful fonts and WP Typeface will do the rest.
Simple product upload
Live font preview
Secure your font preview file
Simplified customers buying journey
Auto create EULA document for your customers
Auto customers registration with dedicated download page

The designers have spoken

Donis - Din-studio.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
I was using Elementor to build my website before. After I switched to WP Typeface, my website sales performance is on another level. The combination of better load speed and UI makes My customers easier to choose the license option.
Bangkit - Blankidsfonts.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
My friends recommend switching my website theme to WP Typeface for a better product upload process and faster page load. I don't have much technical knowledge, but I can feel safe because The WP Typeface team always backs me up.
Putra - Putracetol.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
There is no doubt that a live font preview function and fast page speed are essential for a font shop. It was an easy decision for me to switch my website theme after friends told me that WP Typeface has it all.

Ready to get yourself an assistant?

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