Type and Graphic Designer needs a website. Let us build it right.

WP Typeface is a WordPress theme that makes it easy for graphic and type designers to build a portfolio and personal e-commerce website.

Save your precious time. Use our team as your website technical assistant. We'll take care of all the technical stuff of website building so you can focus on what you are better at.
Having a personal website is the way i can freely set my products pricing and license terms. Also, I don't have to pay the marketplace's high author fee.
Rian Rahardi - Creatypestudio.co (Using WP Typeface Elite)

Versatile Fast Load Website for All

Search engines and your potential clients love fast-loading websites. Save your cost for website speed optimization services. We'll make it happen.

Use your website as a creative studio company profile, blog, or portfolio, and sell your work and service. WP Typeface does it all.
M.Sirojuddin - Lettersiro.com (Using WP Typeface Elite)
WP Typeface's features are user-friendly. I can easily change my homepage style to find the best layout for my website visitors.

Special Features for Type Designers and Foundries

Potential buyers can test your font looks in a sentence and see all available characters through the live font preview feature.

The download link is automatically available in the buyer's email and account dashboard after they complete the transaction. WP Typeface system also creates the EULA pdf file and attaches it to the buyer's email.


The Designers have spoken

Donis - Din-studio.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
I was using Elementor to build my website before. After I switched to WP Typeface, my website sales performance is on another level. The combination of better load speed and UI makes My customers easier to choose the license option.
Risman - Garisman.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
WP Typeface's load speed is way faster than elementor's that I used before. The simplicity of WP Typeface's UX and the fast load speed make My website's visitors get easier to browse my products. As result, my sales grow exponentially.
Putra - Putracetol.com (Using WP Typeface Busy Designer)
There is no doubt that a live font preview function and fast page speed are essential for a font shop. It was an easy decision for me to switch my website theme after friends told me that WP Typeface has it all.

Ready to get yourself an assistant?

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